Saturday, August 27, 2011

Learning to Blog...

Hi everyone!

So, I have determined that I am a bad blogger. It is my new goal to have more frequent updates and also find exciting things to talk about!

Life has been hectic the last month and a half, and I am excited to say I have found a new day job! I am employed with Restoration Hardware and I love EVERYTHING about my job. The people, the stories, the furniture and is all very exciting and wonderful. If you ever swing by Nashville, stop in and check us out.

I haven't made it to refinishing our dining table and chairs yet. We have started a tradition of hosting game night every Wednesday, and I know I would take my time working on the table. Also, I haven't figured out the logistics of refinishing the table at our apartment. Do I take it to our patio? Will I get in trouble? So, it has become a project on hold for the time being.

My new obsession is seeing all the configurations people have made for shelving units created out of pipes and boards. I love all the ideas and methods and would love to free up some floor space in my living room!

Manhattan Nest.

Geek Details.

Brick House. What I understand to be the original blog source for the project.

All of the sites linked have their versions of the DIY steps to complete this project. What do you think of the pipe shelving? Is this a project you would be willing to try in your home, or do you prefer shelving that looks more finished?

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  1. I think it's obvious I like them lol! They do tend to look um craptastic if you put too much stuff on them though. It seems to work better if you're just displaying stuff. I found that mine no longer work for me in my office but they look great in my son's room. We rearranged it a bit.

    As I had more stuff to put on them, I found myself wanted cabinets instead of shelves just because it was super cluttered looking.