Saturday, August 27, 2011

Learning to Blog...

Hi everyone!

So, I have determined that I am a bad blogger. It is my new goal to have more frequent updates and also find exciting things to talk about!

Life has been hectic the last month and a half, and I am excited to say I have found a new day job! I am employed with Restoration Hardware and I love EVERYTHING about my job. The people, the stories, the furniture and is all very exciting and wonderful. If you ever swing by Nashville, stop in and check us out.

I haven't made it to refinishing our dining table and chairs yet. We have started a tradition of hosting game night every Wednesday, and I know I would take my time working on the table. Also, I haven't figured out the logistics of refinishing the table at our apartment. Do I take it to our patio? Will I get in trouble? So, it has become a project on hold for the time being.

My new obsession is seeing all the configurations people have made for shelving units created out of pipes and boards. I love all the ideas and methods and would love to free up some floor space in my living room!

Manhattan Nest.

Geek Details.

Brick House. What I understand to be the original blog source for the project.

All of the sites linked have their versions of the DIY steps to complete this project. What do you think of the pipe shelving? Is this a project you would be willing to try in your home, or do you prefer shelving that looks more finished?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My dining room table.

So I have this dining room table and six chairs that we received from an old neighbor about four years ago. Since then it has been used for homework, design projects, a place to paint, for gaming and every other imaginable use, but most often NOT for eating at. I have finally worked up the courage to tackle refinishing it to match our bookcases and our style.

I plan to start this project in the next week and will share tips and words of warning as I go through the progress that may save you from having a difficult time should you choose to redo a piece of your furniture. If you have any advice for me, please leave me a comment below.


Monday, July 11, 2011

New website!

I have been working at my website bit by bit and finally have reached a point that I have a tangible space! There are still lots of tweaks to be made, I need to learn how to do more with Brightcore beyond the basic updates, but overall I am thrilled! I am most excited about having a space to display the things I have done and share gems that I find on the web.

Thank you for visiting me. Today I leave you with this interesting design to inspire. Studio in Stockholm featured on Dwell's website. How would you feel about living in less than 500 square feet of space? My favorite detail from the slideshow is the personal photograph taken by the homeowner and used to create wallpaper in his bedroom.